Neurology is one of the most impressive branch of medicine. The nervous system comprises of the brain the spinal cord, the nerves emanating from them and their innervations of muscle fibres...more

Science & Spirituality

Actually, science is merely one part of Jain religion. If we take science, then right from atomic science to biological sciences, from mathematics to astronomy...more


This presentation is meant to imply that real spiritual experiences are not hallucinations, but they are neurological and physiological events...more


The research I do is on very fascinating subjects - bridging science & spirituality. one of the areas, that I have worked extensively is prolonged fasting & I have created a working hypothesis...more


  • Consultant Neurophysician, Sangini Complex, Ellisbridge, Ahmedabad

  • Honorary Professor & Head Department of Neurology, K M School of PG Medicine & Research, V. S. General Hospital Ahmedabad

  • Director of Neuro science, Sterling Hospital, Ahmedabad

  • Immediate past-chairman, NJDF (National Jain Doctors Federation India) & Present International coordinator of JDF

  • Hon. Neurophysician of H.E. the Governor of Gujarat

  • Chief Patron & Musician, Medikala Academy