Neurology is one of the most impressive branch of medicine. The nervous system comprises of the brain the spinal cord, the nerves emanating from them and their innervations of muscle fibres...more

Science & Spirituality

Actually, science is merely one part of Jain religion. If we take science, then right from atomic science to biological sciences, from mathematics to astronomy...more


This presentation is meant to imply that real spiritual experiences are not hallucinations, but they are neurological and physiological events...more


The research I do is on very fascinating subjects - bridging science & spirituality. one of the areas, that I have worked extensively is prolonged fasting & I have created a working hypothesis...more


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The art and science of meditation

Upcoming Books on Education In Neurology - An Introductory Chapter

Jain Diet Pattern

Journey to Happiness and Peace

Jain Darshan - An Interactive Science


Towards Powerful Cognition


Jain Philosophy

Oriental scriptures are full of basic sciences and art of living.
The Hindu, Jain & Buddha religions from India show path of liberation. Interestingly, all these scriptures are full of basic Sciences, life sciences & art of living.

Here, an attempt is made to decipher knowledge by decoding Jain texts. The reader will be left astonished at the depth of knowledge contained in these books. It is really impressive. Please go through the text & then presentation.


Mataji - Case Study (Prahlad Jani)

The world is full of mysteries & there are people with amazing capacities. Some of them defy the rules of science & medicine. I had studied this unmatchable living legend who claims to live without food and water
and without passing urine and stool from years together.

Kindly study the case & the presentation. The case has been published by discovery channel along with my interview.


Meditation, its techniques and its science

We exist in atleast 3 forms: Physical body, Mental-Emotional body and Spiritual body. We waste our whole day and life, our whole energy for physical body, its care taking, its exercises, wellbeing and its pleasures. But, somehow we are not taught to take care of our mental and spiritual bodies, their exercises, their wellbeings and their pleasures.


Prolonged Fasting (How is it possible - A Hypothesis)

Have you ever thought that human race can exist without food and calories? Can you imagine a human being staying alive & doing all routine activities even at age of 70, just by Sungazing – i.e – Surviving on cosmic – Solar energy. Aren’t you excited? Please read more.


Small Book on the long term memory

For educational success memory and learning mechanisms have to be excellent. Memory depends on good health, ( both physical and mental ) and also good sound character ( i.e. truthfulness, abstinence. firmness, compassion, respect for family and nation etc. )