Neurology is one of the most impressive branch of medicine. The nervous system comprises of the brain the spinal cord, the nerves emanating from them and their innervations of muscle fibres...more

Science & Spirituality

Actually, science is merely one part of Jain religion. If we take science, then right from atomic science to biological sciences, from mathematics to astronomy...more


This presentation is meant to imply that real spiritual experiences are not hallucinations, but they are neurological and physiological events...more


The research I do is on very fascinating subjects - bridging science & spirituality. one of the areas, that I have worked extensively is prolonged fasting & I have created a working hypothesis...more

Brain & Neurological Disorders

A Simplified Health Education Guide

Key Features

"The book is a humble attempt to fill the gap in the understanding of neurological disorders by providing authentic, research backed information in a simple and lucid manner for one and all

This edition is primarily intended to benefit the patients, their families, and care givers. It will also be useful for physicians, medical students, paramedics, and physiotherapists who have to counsel the patients and their families as well as nurse practitioners

The purpose of this book is to educate people in a fair depth and help them navigate through complexities of neurological disorders as and when affected/confronted. It is also to enlighten and inspire community towards prevention as well as early detection of diseases, all in a reassuring and reader friendly language

Supplemented with a large number of figures and diagrams, it further makes learning and understanding simpler for everyone

Presented in a simple and lucid format, the book is for all who are keen to learn but do not have the time to pool all the relevant authoritative information concisely in a small span of time

Written with a noble and benevolent cause, the authors wish to strengthen the scholarship imbued with a spirit of compassion and life. This will serve the purpose of authors to help humanity by saving lives and preventing morbidities.

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Message from Respected PM Shri Narendra Modi

Dr. BS Singhal