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About This Book

Information about Heart disease, Blood Pressure, Obesity and Diabetes are easily available but it is not so for Diseases of the Brain and Nervous System. This book is an effort of giving details of the Brain, Nervous System and its diseases, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the same to the patients and their relatives.

Basic information about the Brain and Nervous System is given in chapter No. 1. Thereafter detailed information is given about Neuro-Radiological examination to confirm the cause of the underlying disease. Detailed information about the major and generally known diseases of the brain are given in the next seven chapters. Chapter No. 10 to 14 are designed to give description about more challengeable diseases to the medical science. Detailed information about Diseases of Spinal Cord is given in chapter No. 15.Thereafter, information about less known but tragic and crippling diseases is contained in chapter No. 16 to 20. Stress is a well spread problem of the 21st century; detailed and scientific information about the stress is given In the chapter no. 21. When the disease is not well controlled with proper medication, treatment by Surgery, whenever needed, is described in chapter No. 22. Information about important Neurological medicines, their side effects and important tips for hospitalised patients and their relatives are given in chapter No. 23 to 24.

Description of diseases is made easy and interesting through necessary illustrations & pictures. Certain medicines are popular by their market names over and above generic names, hence this nomenclature has been used here, so, that the reader can easily understand it.

It should be noted that detailed information given here is based on the authentic and available standard material including texts and reference books as on present date; however the process of research is continuously going on in medical science.

Lastly, I pray the almighty God that this book will prove very useful to the general public.

Dr. Sudhir V. Shah
M.D.,D.M. (Neurology),
“Neurology Centre”, 206-8, Sangini Complex,
Near Parimal Crossing, Ellisbridge,
Ahmedabad – 380006, Gujarat, India.
Phone No.91 – 079 – 6467052 & 6467467

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